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    AZ Buck,

    Thanks for poiting that out. That is what I get for typing that all out in the middle of the night. I'm lookin at Mapquest again and I totally omitted a few roads and mis-typed a few!! I pulled out my road maps and looked at everything. Thanks.
    So your advice would be to stay away from the county roads, cause honestly, I'd rather try to avoid them too. I agree that they aren't typically marked well, I learned that a couple years ago outside of Green Bay, WI. Is there another alternate highway that I can use during this particular stretch?


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    No, I wouldn't avoid county roads, just know that only a few states actually go to the trouble to adequately mark them. Oddly enough two of the best at this are Wisconsin (All those letter designated roads are county trunks, and I have often made the trip from Fond du Lac to Green Bay and on northward entirely on such roads.) and Delaware (But in Delaware you have to know where to look for the signage.) The road you propose to use between Millerton, NY and CT-361 used to be signed as NY-361, so I presume it's a decent, paved two-lane. There's no reason to avoid it if it goes where you want. Just be aware that you'll have to follow street names rather than those nice big highway route markers. On the other hand, to follow all numbered highways, just take US-44 east at Millerton to CT-112 east to US-7 south. That will only add a few miles to your journey.


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    Quote Originally Posted by packman
    Wednesday is about a 300 mile day with three stops, so if I were to push past Springfield on Tuesday afternoon where would a good sleeping place be between Springfield and Bash Bish? Maybe Great Barrington or Pittsfield?
    If your choice is between Great Barrington and Pittsfield, stay in Great Barrington. It's much nicer. Pittsfield is more of a city.
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