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    Default Vegas - Washington DC via 'everywhere', 2 month trip

    Hi all My first post, spent a bit of time reading and seems like som enice helpful folk on here.

    I am getting Married at the start of Sept in Vegas then spending almost two months driving around.

    I would love any help, suggestions or advice.

    Here is my plan so far:

    Vegas 5 nights
    Springdale UT 1 night
    Bryce Canyon 1 night
    Page AZ 1 nignt
    Grand canyon 3 nights
    Monument Valley 1 night
    Mesa verde NP 2 nights
    Salt lake city 1 night
    Yellowstone NP 2 nights
    These are all booked accomadation

    then it gets a little less planned
    from yellowstone - Wyoming - Cody - Deadwood - Mt Rusmore(Rapid city) - Badlands NP - Sioux Falls - Fargo - Hill city - Superior - Thunder bay - Sault ste Marie - Toronto - Niagr falls - Ottawa - Quebec - Maine - Madison - Portland - Portsmouth - Boston (by end October) - then a flight to Washington DC for last 4 nights.

    Phew so any suggestions for must see attractions, places to visit good ways of finding accomadation... anything at all really! Much appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Your trip seem to be a 'Best of America' tour, and two months is sufficient time to actually see some of the best at a fairly leisurely pace. But rather than try to find a series of stops from scratch, I think you might be better served by looking at the itineraries other people have come up with. To that end, I have provided links below to trip plans for several of the regions you have listed, with an emphasis on those planners looking for romantic or adventurous journeys.

    South Dakota
    Upper Great Lakes
    Montréal and Québec
    Northern New England
    Maine Coast and Boston

    Those should get you well started. Be sure to also follow the links to similar RoadTrips listedat the bottom of each of the treads you go to.


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    Thanks i will take a look at those.

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