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    Default Houston to Los Angeles

    next summer im planning on making a documentary of the underground nintendo rock scene in los angeles. we decided to drive there because neither me, or my friend (my 1 person crew) have been on a road trip. on the way there will be sight seeing, possibly for 2-5 days, depending on what day we leave, which will hopefully be around late may/very early june. i was wondering if anyone could give me any good stops on the way there. i will be taking interstate 10 all the way there. i also plan on stopping at the grand canyon, either going to l.a. or on the way back.

    remember, we are going to l.a. to work, so we dont really have a lot of time to look around. hopefully if we stop shooting in enough time, we can leave cali early (my friend has to be back in time for college). we will be able to see alot of the sites on the way back to texas.

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    Default A Documentary of What?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum! I've got to start by asking, what on earth is the "Nintendo Rock Scene?"

    Anyway, What you'll want to stop and see is going to depend alot on how much time you give yourself to get there and what sort of things you're interested in.

    At more than 1500 miles, a 2 day trip would be the absolute minimum, with even 3 days being on the long side of being comfortable. The Grand Canyon isn't along I-10, so that would be about a 350 mile detour. There are also lots of things closer to I-10, like Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Tombstone just to name a few options if you work in time for sightseeing.

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    Default Call me curious

    I'm dying to hear what the underground nintendo rock scene is too!

    If you want to see the Grand Canyon, you might want to travel one-way on I-10 and the other way on I-40. The GC is just a short hop from I-40. And this way you get to see different things each way. That makes the trip far more fun, imho.

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    ok here is the underground nintendo punk/rock scene:

    there are a bunch of these bands in la that either:
    a. have songs about video games
    b. use keyboards, old video game consoles (game boys, nintendo's, ataris, commodore 64's etc) to produce 8 bit midi music (if you've play the old nes games, they make those kinds of "bleeps and bloops").
    c. both

    i really like the bands, obviously. ill give you a couple links if anyone is interested in hearing these bands - totally radd!! - 14 year old girls - 8 bit weapon (they use the old video game consoles to make music)

    thanks for the suggestions. i think we're going to stop at carlsbad caverns. i think when we come back we might go through vegas (ill be old enough, be she cant gamble) and probably see the hoover dam, then go over to the grand canyon.

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    Default Interesting sound...

    I'm not sure if I'd like to listen to it all day. Old ears, ya know. :-) But definitely some interesting sounds. I'll have to go back and listen to more later when I have more time. Thanks for sharing.

    I think your roadtrip plans sound good. Don't forget to swing past Tombstone off I-10.

    If you need more specific help, let us know.

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