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    Default OR coast

    My special thanks to Judy & roadie.
    I pretty much did everything you guys mentioned.
    We were at the Sundial bridge, Redding around midnight. Took an overnight nap at the Weed rest area along I5.
    Oregon caves was a good addition to the trip!
    Felt the distance when we were driving to Memaloose campground(The dalles). But I enjoyed the heat(no sun though).

    I can never forget the ice cream I had at Tillamook Cheese factory- the best i've ever had.
    A jet boat tour along the rogue river was an enexpected call. But it was cool. I even won a lottery to the snap taken - something that has never happened before :-)
    Another unexpected fun was the sandtrail tour from Frontier ATV. I got the need for speed. It was fun.
    We had to let go of Astoria column as it was morning and no options to get good photos of the river.
    And yeah! got some very good pics at Cannon beach.
    William Tugman was a good place to camp. Would recommend it to anyone.

    I had to take a lil detour to see what you had in your pics in Bandon, but it was well worth it...
    I was all "I've found it! I've found it!" when I saw those rocks.

    It was too bad that we could not get any sunset pics as it was foggy, but it helped us feel better. No heat!
    It was a good break!

    For an unplanned trip, this was very very eventful!

    I probably will update my blog in a couple of days.


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    Default Oregon Report

    Hey Cool,
    Glad you had a great time. Your intinerary really packed
    it in.

    Thanks for the trip report.


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    Default Glad to help

    And glad you had a great time.

    Ymmmmmm, Tillamook ice cream. I really must zip down there sometime soon and enjoy.

    Did you do the Frontier ATV stuff in the Oregon Dunes area? That place is a hoot!

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    The report and pictures are wonderful. The site they are located on is also a nice site. Glad you had such a nice trip.


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    i loved the blog, great story. i only wish you had more info on the Oregon Dunes .Thats ok you gave enough to get the Dunes on my must see list!

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    Default o yeah!

    I just remember I had mixed feelings abt the tour. It was not just " being on the dunes", but actually zip thru the dunes. Its fast. Some fall down were over 100 ft. It was fun...Real fun.

    I think I gave the link to Frontier in my blog.
    Have fun!


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