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    Hi, me and a couple of mates from the UK are planning to go from San Fransisco to NYC some time September 2007. Now the planning stages are in their infancy at the moment, but I wanted to know roughly how long it would take? I know we could spend years and not see everything but we're more interested in seeing some great scenery on fantastic long roads than stopping for various museums so if there are any 'must see' places any recommendations will be gratefully received.

    Also how easy would it to be find places to stay for a night? I'd rather not book anything rigidly as part of the trip is the whole 'easy rider' vibe, but will many motels take kindly to 10 lads turning up on Harleys?

    Any ideas you've got would be great



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    Default Many will seek you out!

    Quote Originally Posted by welshboy
    Hi, me and a couple of mates from the UK are planning to go from San Fransisco to NYC
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Many hotels, maybe all hotels, would be interested in such a group. If you travel US-50 across Nevada -- be sure to stop overnight at the Nevada Hotel (well actually, I am not sure I would leave MY bike there, but they are just one of many hotels that actively promote Harley rider visitations. Be sure to look at for specific routing information.

    Happy Planning!


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    How much is your average Motel for a night? just to give me a ball park figure of how much money I need

  4. Default Motel costs


    The motel cost for an inexpensive place, Motel 6 type can vary from place to place. Usually the quoted rate is for 1or 2 per room. I don't know how many of you will stay per room. Also, 4 per room is the average limit. The range in my experience most likely wil be from $40-$100. You can check with the various chains to obtain their rates. You might want to start with making a general travel plan and check out some of the rates in the areas you will be passing through. In my experience in traveling cross country in the fall, most motels are available. This is our college football time and weekend travel to a college town might present a problem with a room. This did happen to us on 3 occasions; luckily we did have reservations and did have a room. All of the area motels were sold out. Once you figure out your route, you could check each state's website for a wealth of info. They will also send you an information packet if you request it. Good luck with your plans.


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