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  1. Default Dallas to Little Rock

    We have a couple of extra days and are wondering what is fun to do
    on that stretch of the trip?? No hiking or biking..

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    Default Southwest Arkansas

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Any list of my favorite diversions along that general route would have to include the Talimena Scenic Drive, Crater of Diamonds State Park (You can dig for and KEEP real, honest to goodness diamonds, but it is work. Come prepared with lots of water, a comfortable chair, some digging implements, a sieve and some portable shade.), and Hot Springs National Park.


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    Default How are you getting there?

    I'm guessing I-30 to I-40 from Dallas? I just went this route from Shreveport (caught I-30 in Hope). If you head to Shreveport first you there are several riverboat casinos and museums (including one at the Municipal Auditorium detailing Elvis's early years on the Louisiana Hayride).

    If you take Highway 3 North from Bossier to Hope (turns into Highway 29 in Arkansas) you pass through the town of Evening Shade. I though it was cool.

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