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    Hi, i am visiting glacier national park this summer at the end of july, arriving by amtrak train, i don't know which stop to get off, east glacier seems to have cheaper accomodation but west glacier seems to be better located, does anyone have any preference?
    I think the train also stops at essex and whitefish.

    Also i was going to book a rental car but would love to avoid the extra cost if possible, is it possible to see glacier NP without a car?

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    First of all, great choice on choosing a park to see. Glacier NP is outstanding.

    It is a pretty big park and one of the highlights is the "Road to the Sun" -- which is a road that goes from East Glacier (St. Mary's entrance to West Glacier -- MacDonald lake). If you don't have a car, there are tour buses that do this route, but I am not sure on how to sign up for them. They look like they are part of the park, but best to check first. There are also boat tours of Lake McDonald (West) and another one on the east of which the name escapes me.

    West Glacier is better located to the other bigger towns (Whitefish ~ 30 minutes, Kalispell ~ 45 minutes, both driving times), but if the "Road to the Sun" is closed in the middle (as it was a few weeks ago -- due to rockslides), you won't be able to take the bus fully along the road to the sun. You will still be able to take them part of the way. Be sure to check first as it might influence your decision.

    I am not sure of what the towns of East and West Glacier offer, but I know that the closest town to East Glacier is "Browning", which I think, is on an Indian reserve and isn't that big. For first aid in case you need it, Kalispell and Browning have a hospital, but I was recommended to go to Kalispell (don't ask). Whitefish is a smallish town and has motels, grocery, etc, but Kalispell is pretty big (worthy of having a Home Depot).

    Both East and West Glacier offer amazing views. East Glacier seems to be dryer and has less tress, which in turn leads to a more magnificent mountain (IMO), but West Glacier has Lake McDonald which -- if it is sunny -- is absolutely breathtaking. Both sides offer hiking and there are visitors centers on both sides as well -- be sure to talk to the rangers to see where they recommend. They hike the parks all the time and usually have a good recommendation, provided you give them the criteria that you are looking for.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Default Big Red Touring Cars!

    Quote Originally Posted by alexandraes
    Hi, i am visiting glacier national park this summer at the end of july
    LIke Roadie says, this park is gorgeous! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Here is a short article about my crossing of the highway last year and you can see one of those famous red touring cars!


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    A PDF listing schedules for the Red Tour Buses is at It is well worth the trip - my favorite road in the US!

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