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    Default A Short Trip to Lowville, NY

    We took a day trip to see the largest wind farm east of the Mississippi. The Maple Ridge Wind Farm, when finished, will consist of about 200 1.6 Megawatt turbines, each about 320' high. As of last week there were 120 in the air. Maple Ridge is just east of Lowville, NY on NY Rt 177. An interesting stop about 1/2 hour East of the Seaway Trail, or on your way to or from the Adirondacks. Some photos & information at

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    Default Wind mills

    Very interesting Vermylie! I didn't know they had a wind farm in that area.

    Have you ever visited the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec? Cap-Chat has the highest vertical eolian (windmill) in the world (axis of 110 meters). They offer guided tours and the area is also a very fun and a scenic one to visit. I've just been in that region on my way back from the Maritimes.:o)


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