Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had the good luck to be able to drive along the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway which is located just to west of US-101 and just south of Crescent City, California. This is an awesome way to see redwoods and the northern California coast.

From Eureka, California -- drive about 44 miles until you reach the town of Orick (you will notice it when you begin to see lots of those stores selling the redwood-carvings).

You will also see some meadows where elk, like these, are common.

Exit US-101 at exit 753 and proceed north on the parkway. Just before you reach US-101 again, turn left on Coastal Drive and proceed up the coast.

Views of the road along Coastal Drive.

Here is a "fake farm house" built on the side of the cliff. It was used in WWII as a look-out for Japanese warships and submarines.

Here is the view looking north -- if you see a slight brown tint in the waves that is the mouth of the mighty Klamath River.

Here are a couple of views of the old bridge across the Klamath River.

Then you will follow the road back to US-101 and rejoin the highway at 768.