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  1. Default 4 day road trip from Huntington Beach, CA - suggestions?

    We (girlfriend and I) are am looking for suggestions for a 4 day road trip (round trip) from Huntington Beach, California. Our last trip was up the coast. We took the 1 for the most part, hung out for a short time in Santa Barbara, stayed a night at San Simeon, spent a few hours in Morro Bay, a few more hours at Monterey and then headed up to San Francisco where we spent two nights. I really want to do the drive up the coast again but want to see a lot more this time instead of actually stopping over for more than a day in a big city.

    Does any one have any suggestions? Even suggestions that donít involve driving up the coast are welcome:-)

    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Monterey (to pick a destination) is just under 400 miles from Huntington Beach via the coast roads (US-101 and CA-1). Now, normally, a 400 mile drive can be completed relatively easily in a day. But as you're aware, the coast road here is not 'normal'. It is far more enticing and calls on you to dawdle and explore. So with only 4 days for the round trip, I'd say that if you really want to drive up the coast again, then do just that, but only go as far as Monterey, taking the time to see the sights along the way such as the many state parks, the 17-mile drive in Pebble Beach, the aquarium, etc. By limiting the scope of the drive you open it up to being a much more relaxed and enjoyable endeavor.

    One other possibility is to forego the coast and do a loop up by way of the Mojave National Preserve, through Las Vegas, into the national parks of southern Utah (Zion and Bryce), around the Grand Canyon, down the Colorado River, and back into LA through Joshua Tree National Park. That would be a significant change from your last trip!


  3. Default Alternative wanderings

    I like your second suggestion. I am off to find a map to plot a possible route and will post back if I decide to make that trip :-)
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