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    Default Kansas City to Sacramento- ADVICE NEEDED

    My husband and I are planning on roadtripping to Sacramento around the 1st of August. We've done the drive to Denver several times but never driven farther west. We're separating it between 3 days of driving. 1st day:Kansas City to Denver, 2nd day: Denver to ???, and 3rd day ??? to Sacramento. What is a good half way stop between Denver and Sacramento? I've looked at places like Elko Nevada, but we're not sure. Help! Any ideas? We also would like to hear of any interesting stops on the way to break up some of the driving during the 3 days if anyone has any suggestions.

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    Default Which route?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What route are you taking for this trip?

    You've said you're planning on stopping in Denver the first night, but I think you'll find your trip is actually faster if you head north on I-29 to Nebraska and then across on I-80. Considering you'll need to be driving nearly 600 miles a day (10 hours of driving), I'd want to shave any time off that I could on this time of trip.

    Irregardless, I'd say either Elko or Wells, Nevada would be about the point where you'd want to stop for that second night.

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