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    My friend and I are planning to road trip from Wyoming to Maine and would like some suggestions on what to go see. We are not taking a direct route by any means. We are probably going to stop first in Denver Colorado then more onto Missouri (Benson and/or St Louis) , then Tennessee (to see some country music stuff), then Virginia (to see her dad), then DC (because its DC), then home i guess. Was wondering if we could get some cool places to go see along the way anything would be helpfull thanks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktong8
    My friend and I are planning to road trip from Wyoming to Maine]
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I can think of a couple hundred places that are worthy of a stop or two along that route. How long are planning to be on the road? OK, just a couple of ideas as you head east... Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs is pretty cool and you might want to have a brew at the smallest bar in the world -- Sam's found at Rum Bourbon Street. Likewise the world's largest hairball could be on your route east -- it is found at the Finney County Museum in Garden City, Kansas (it is about the size of a bowling ball...) When you get to Junction City, go across the Kansas River to Fort Riley and take the 10-mile self-guided auto tour around the US Calvary Museum. This a good place to see buffalo. Although my favorite place for this is near Dixon, Montana.

    Kansas City is pretty fun -- great BBQ and cool blues joints and when you get to St. Louis, be sure to ride the "elevators" to the top of the arch. Well, these are a few places to whet your appetite.

    Happy Planning!


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    What a great trip you have planned. Two other stops in Colorado in the Denver area are Rocky Mountain NP which is just NW and Golden. I'm not sure how you will be entering CO from WY but if it is Interstate 25, you can enter Rocky Mountain NP though Estes Park. Estes Park is a beautiful mountain location. Rocky Mountain NP is one of my favorites. In Golden, Coors offers a free tour of the western town along with free samples of their products.

    On Interstate 70, Hays, KS is another stoppoint. Fort Hays is located there as well as another buffalo herd just across the street.

    Don't miss riding to the top of the Arch in St.Louis. The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is located just off Interstate 70 and there is a great museum in the base also. Although in the city, the park is very easy to reach.

    Along with the music sites in TN, in the east is Great Smoky Mountains NP. You can enter from the west and exit in the east through Cherokee, NC. This is a free National Park. (If you find you will be visiting many National Parks/Monuments the park service offers an annual pass for all locations for the cost of $50.00. It is a bargain since many locations have entrance fees of $10 - $20.)

    You can then drive to VA. You didn't mention where in VA you were visiting. These are a few places to visit if in the area. Lexington, VA is home to Virginia Military Institute and Robert E. Lee is buried there. It is basically a college town and is quite nice. Shenandoah NP is a great eastern NP. You can drive Skyline Dr through the park and make your way north without the interstate although most of Interstate 81 through VA is a nice drive too. Williamsburg, VA just south of Washington, DC is a great area to visit. It has the old town, Busch Gardens amusement park and Colonial National Historical Park. The park includes Jamestown and Yorktown and they are connected by the Colonial Parkway.

    Washington has many National Parks sites as well as museums.

    You should check the National Parks Service website for information on all of their locations. It is very useful and gives a wealth of info.

    You really didn't give any further places you were going except the endpoint. I live in NJ so if you need any other help, please ask.

    Have a great trip.

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