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    In the early 90's just as I was graduating highschool, there was a group of Friends known as "The Conspiracy" we did nearly everything together. We would go on trips and cause Chaos whereever we went. But over the last decade we have drifted to different places, states and even countries.

    I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident in 2005 and I have been confined to the house for nearly a year. That incident has caused me to realize just how much these friends mean to me, so I am on a mission to reunite some if not all of us on a 9 day roadtrip From Los Angeles to Philadelphia.

    I am not sure how good of a job I am going to do documenting it, and chances are some of the content might be a bit dicey, but it will be fun. I am planning now.. so until next week sometime this blog may be a little slow. but I am going to try to update it every day of the trip.

    Here is the blog

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    Default Bon Voyage!

    I hope you and your friends have a great trip. You might also come back to these forums when you get home and do a roadtrip report for us. We love those! (But you could probably leave out the "dicey" stuff for this forum. LOL)

    Have a good and safe one!

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