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    Hi everyone. New here. I've traveled cross country 6 times from So. Calif. to Tampa, Fl. with my Dodge Ram 1500 and my dog. Wow! Awesome trips and safer than flying.
    But, I'm heading in a different direction and need any advice or insight. I'm eventually planning on moving from So. California to Vancouver, WA. I know the 5N is the best route straight through. Can anyone tell me how long? It's suppose to be a 15 hour road trip minus stops and stay overs if you drive normal and stop to see things...but this is more of a rush trip with only 4 days to spare due to work. I can leave around 9pm June 30 but need to depart WA July 3rd to be back for the 4th.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    I make it just a shade over 1000 miles from Santa Ana to Vancouver by the I-5, a solid 2 days each way. So, depending on how far you can get on that first evening (that's a Friday night through the heart of LA!), the best you can hope for is an afternoon/evening in Vancouver before you have to head back. Best of luck, and drive safely!


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    Default 20.5 hours

    That's my fastest time from my home (about 2.5 hours north of Vancouver, WA) to Disneyland. And I tend to push it. That includes stops but only very quick ones just for gas and bathroom breaks. All eating was done in the car. So, if you're starting near Disneyland, I would say that 18 hours is probably about the quickest you could do it. And, again, that would mean pushing it.

    So, yeah, Buck is right. A late afternoon and evening in Vancouver before you have to go back is pretty spot on.

  4. Default So. Calif. to Vancouver, WA

    I posted last week about an upcoming relocation from home here in California to possibly Vancouver, WA. (House hunting). Though I've done my fair share of cross country road trip from the West Coast to the East Coast, none has me more stressed out than this short 1000. mile journey.
    I need some advice from anyone that may have had to relocate, road travel with 4 cats and a dog. Now, just so you know the dog is not a problem. Rielly, my adult Golden Retreiver traveled with me on all my road travels and was better than most people! He also loved staying at motels that were pet friendly. My situation is that I have inherited 4 cats from my folks that passed away a short time ago and I don't have the heart to give them away. They are
    1: brother and sister 9 y.o.
    2: 2 yr. old
    3. 1 yr. old

    For the life of me I can't figure out how all this is going to go. I have a 2005 GMC Yukon 4dr. which is plenty of room in the back for the dog, the 2nd row fold down and he loves it because his bed fits perfectly and the A/C in the back makes it comfy. But how the heck do I relocate with 4 cats? What about lodging? Cats don't like travel and they have different needs than a dog. Not like I can make pit stops to let them all out to do their "thing".
    I don't have anyone up North or down here. I've bought a large enough cage to hold all four, room for water and food and a small litter pan...but I'm pulling my hair out. I'd hate to run into trouble with them on this move.
    Any suggestions, advice will be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Default Cats on a roll

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthBound
    I need some advice from anyone that may have had to relocate, road travel with 4 cats and a dog.
    First, I would urge you to read this week's article about traveling with pets and see if you can't get the cats used to the idea of travel. I know several folks who have moved their cats -- it is going to be fun, but it is possible to do it. Like the article says, you need to do everything you can think of to make your car feel & smell like home. Sorry about the passing of your folks.


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