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    Hi everyone, new to this forum. I am moving to Seattle, WA from Orlando, FL next tuesday. I am very anxious about the drive, and need help. I don't know anyone who's ever done this, and I have no clue where to being to plan my route. Please help! I'm going to try and do it within 4 days, and driving straight through with a buddy.

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    Default Do you plan to sleep along the way?

    The quickest route per MS Streets & Trips is I-75 to Chattanooga, I-24 into Illinois when it merges with I-57, I-57 to Mt. Vernon, IL; I-64 to St. Louis, I-70 to Kansas City, I-435 then I-29 to Nebraska City, Hwy 2 to Lincoln, I-80 into Utah to merge with I-84, I-84 to Stanfield, OR; Hwy 395 to Umatilla, I-82 to Ellensburg, WA; I-90 into Seattle.

    And if you can make this drive in 4 days, you should get a medal. It's 3120 miles. You can expect this trip to take about 55 hours. If you don't run into any traffic issues, construction detours or slow-downs, etc. and if you only do minimal stops for bathroom breaks, eat on the run, etc., you might be able to shave off a few hours. Realistically, the minimum you could probably do this in is 50 hours. That's 12 hours per day. This is NOT a wise decision, even with an extra driver. It would be best to add a few days if you can.

    Please read The Art of the Speed Run and Drive Safe with Uncle Bob for hints on how to do this as safely as possible, both for yourself and for those on the road with you.

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