We are planning a 3 week summer road trip starting at the end of June, from CA to Maryland then up to Niagara Falls, Michigan, and then home to CA. We want to use the I 40 to I 85 and end up in Washington D.C. stay for a couple of days, seeing Ocean City while we are there, then cruising up to Niagara Falls, through Canada and into Michigan to visit family. We'll either take the 80 back or the 70, not sure.

We are a family of four with 2 young children, and we want to see some interesting early american historical places, county fairs, antiques, very family friendly places. We like country music, and think it would be fun to stop in Nashville, but that being said we don't know where it would be fun to go IN Nashville (or anywhere else).

Where do you think we might want to stop along the way and spend a day sightseeing, relaxing, walking, sleeping, eating, etc.? We would love to hear any ideas, as we are flying (er driving) completely blind.