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    Hi Guys! My only child is getting married in Las Vegas in a few months and I really want to be there. I have never driven or flown so this is going to be a big adventure for me. I am from Oklahoma so does anyone know what I should expect as far as roads. I have seen a lot about the canyon but will I have to go there or through any high mountains? I have never flown what is that like? I was thinking maybe a train, can you guys help me here???

    Thank you so much

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you drive, I assume you'd take I-40. It certanly goes into the mountains, but it doesn't have the major passes and canyons you see on I-70 through Colorado. If "the canyon" you've seen alot about refers to the Grand Canyon, you would be at least an hour away, However, your most direct route would take you over the Hoover Dam.

    Plane travel is simple. Go to the airport, check in, go through security, get loaded into a fiberglass tube, and you're at your destination within a couple hours.

    I wouldn't recommend train travel on a trip to Vegas. Amtrak does not serve Vegas via rail - although I believe they offer a bus which would then connect to its trains.

  3. Default I need all the advice I can get and then some!!

    Do any of you know of any chartered buses or any type of coaches that take groups to Vegas that are going to gamble? I live in Tulsa Oklahoma, my one and only child is getting married in Vegas the first week of September. I am mortified at the thought of flying and I dont own any transporation. I have always been a single mom and traveling was just never in the budget.

    I found this site and it appears that you each know so much about the road and traveling so I am in great hopes that you have a solution for me.

    Thank you and God Bless,


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    I don't know of any regularly scheduled tour busses. That would be something that you'd have to look into locally in Tulsa. I tend to doubt that there are many excursion groups from Tulsa going to Las Vegas. Neither Trailways nor Amtrak offers service between Tulsa and Las Vegas. However, Greyhound does offer regular service between the two cities. The run takes about 29-30 hours (The one way distance is just over 1300 miles). Fares start as low as $188 round trip if you can travel on weekends.


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    Thank you for the advice, needless to say I am frazzled by all of this!! lol Have you ever flown? Flying sounds so scarey but at the same time not ever being able to travel I would miss out on all I could see from Oklahoma to Vegas. I'm a Thank you for your kindness and information.


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    Default Greyhound seems like the best bet

    I'm going to agree with Buck, Greyhound seems like it would pretty clearly be your best option in this case. Its relatively cheap and you won't have to worry about driving or getting in a plane.

    If you are afraid of flying, I don't really see any other good options.

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