Hi All,
Before I start, I just want to say that this forum is Awesome!!!
my Husband and I are planning our 2 weeks vacation to the states.
We would be leaving from Toronto on the last week of July, and returning 2 weeks later. We are excited about travelling to california, and ofcourse en-route enjoying Chicago and Nevada. My husband would like to see if you think it is possible (and wise) to visit Texas (his brother lives there) and then head north back to Toronto. I know easier said then done..right? But hope you can provide feedback here.
We are nervous about the heat and driving continiously for 2 weeks, and not enoying the states in between. But do keep in mind, we have taken many enojable road trips, mainly to Quebec City. Your opinion will help us greatly.

I have visited Hotels.com, and they seem to have reasonable prices for hotels like Comfort Inn. So I would make reservations for the major cities, and walk into a hotel in the smaller states, when we feel we need a break. We would like to enjoy this trip, as it is the Honeymoon we never took 5 years ago, at the same we would like to make it cost effecient also.
Can you tell me your opinion about our plans. Thank You.