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    Default The Best Trip For One Week Toronto To Chicago

    I have one week and traveling from Toronto To Chicago need tips/attraction where to visit .
    Hotel/Motel recomendet 2-3 day for Chicago

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    Default Chi-Town

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are really so many things to do in Chi-Town, its hard to narrow it down without knowing your interest. From museums and history to parks and buildings, the City really does have a million things to do.

    I can't give you much help about hotels either, particulalry without knowing if you are looking for Luxury places on the loops or more budget accomidations. However, the Travel Reservations section of RTA is a good place to start looking at options.

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    Default Trip to Chicago

    I have my car can be out of the city central location and the hotels -
    No "Luxury"

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    Default Driving Chi-Town

    Well, First I'll strongly recommend that you don't try to drive in Chicago. Chicago has horrible traffic and a wonderful public transit system. I've driven in almost every major city in the country, and other than Boston, I can't think of a worse city to try to get around in by car. Everytime I head into Chicago, I park my car and hop on the EL.

    Having said that, if you are looking for a budget place, I'd just start looking for the lower end chains and try to find some place that is close to an EL or a Bus stop. There are a couple of Hostels in the city that also offer private rooms, so that could be an option too - although parking may be more difficult.

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