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  1. Default North Rim or South Rim Grand Canyon?

    In 2 1/2 weeks I will be heading east from Southern California to Cleveland, Ohio. Here is the route that I'm doing and would appreciate any feedback.

    The major freeways are 15 to 70 to 76 to 80. I know the hours are just estimates and don't include rest stops and such.

    Day 1 - SoCal to Richfield, UT 560 miles 8 Hrs
    Day 2 - Richfield, UT to Denver, CO 468 miles 7 Hrs
    Day 3 - Denver, CO to Omaha, NE 541 miles 7.5 Hrs
    Day 4 - Omaha, NE to Chicago, IL 467 miles 7 Hrs
    Day 5 - Chicago, IL to Cleveland, OH 343 miles 5 Hrs
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    Default Quite Reasonable

    Your route looks reasonable to me. You won't have much time for sightseeing along the way, and I expect you'll probably be pretty tired by the time you get to Cleveland, but I would say averaging 500 miles a day is about the perfect balance between making good time and pushing yourself too far - or at least it is in my book.

    One suggestion I might make, try to get a little ways past Denver on that leg of the trip. I've always found, both going from Denver to Omaha and Kansas City that the 2 hour stretch from Denver to the State Line always feels like the longest. Its totally a mental thing, but when I'm driving through Kansas and Nebraska I'm expecting the plains and I embrace it. When I'm in Colorado I want to see mountains, and forget that the Eastern 1/3 of the state looks a whole lot like Nebraska and Kansas.

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    Hi Michael,

    I appreciate your repsonse. Excellent idea about the denver drive. I originally had planned to stop at Ft. Morgan, CO instead of Denver. Then I decided to make a stop in Denver to take the kids to a museum or an equarium there. I orginally had a 4 day plan but with kids I felt it was too aggressive. Again thanks for your response.

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    Default Dinosaurs?

    You'll have to investigate to find the exact name of it, but I remember there is a Dinosaur Museum in Grand Junction, CO that might be a good stop on your way. I vaugly remember stopping there with my parents, but it was 2 decades ago, so the details are a bit sketchy.

    The Zoo in Omaha is also a pretty good stop, from what I've been told.

  5. Default North Rim or South Rim Grand Canyon?

    During my coast to coast trip, going east I will be near the North Rim and coming back west, I will be by the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I can only see one, which do would be the prefered must see? Going east I will be on I-15 and coming back west I will be on I-40. I calculated that if I go to the North Rim and continue my direction afterwards, I will add 268 more miles. I haven't calc'd the South Rim coming from I-40. Thanks.
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    Default hmmm

    Well! I have visited the south rim only. It was ok for a first timer to the Grand canyon. I've heard that the north rim is more beautiful.
    I haven't been there, so do not really know.

    Someone will definitely come up with the answer you need.


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    Default North vs. South

    Taking in the South Rim from a traverse of I-40 only adds about 125 miles to your total. The other advantage to seeing the South Rim is that the park road (US-180) runs along the rim for a considerable distance with several lookouts providing different perspectives while the North Rim really only has two vantage points, both of which are at the end of moderately long in/out drives. The disadvantage of the South Rim is that it is more accessible and thus more crowded, especially with tour busses. So, since you have the option of which rim to see, if time is the major consideration - hit the South Rim, if you want a more relaxed and tranquil experience - hit the North Rim understanding that the extra mileage will also cost you about 3+ hours that might be devoted to something else.


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    Cool: Thanks for you input, I'm awaiting also. :)

    AZBuck: Excellent AZBuck. I appreciate your advice. Thanks for the calculation as well.

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    Default Can't you do both?

    Quote Originally Posted by s-one
    During my coast to coast trip, going east I will be near the North Rim and coming back west, I will be by the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
    They are both quite different -- I like the north rim in summer because it is cooler temps -- here is a short field report from there.


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    Default It's really a shame you can't find a way to do both

    Well, Buck and our Editor gave you good info.

    Each side has quite different views. It's amazing how different they are. I think the ideal trip would include both. But, personally, if I had to choose, I would do the South Rim. Yes, it's more crowded, but the vistas from the south rim are the most awe-inspiring. You seem to see the canyon more, both in the sense of breadth and the sense of depth. And the colors are more vivid in a strange way, like you're looking at a watercolor that isn't dry and the colors keep changing on ya.

    But the north rim is fantastic, too. The colors are stronger. More like an oil painting vs. the south rim's watercolors. And there is more greenery. But you don't get that breadth and width you get from the south rim.

    Gosh, I don't think I'm doing a very good job trying to create a visual for you.

    You should really find time to see both. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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