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    Can anyone recommend the cheapest car rental company? we were hoping to drive from l.a. to nyc for 3 weeks in a small 4 wheel drive/ jeep type car but the car rental cost is so expensive we're not sure we can make it work..can anybody recommend the cheapest way to do it? Any help would be much appreciated
    Thanks a million,

  2. Default Budget is the way

    If you are taking a one way trip, budget car rental is the way to go.. They have the smallest Destination fees that I have seen..

    Also you can visit

    To get discount codes that really help..

    My 9 day rental of a ford Mustang, picking it up in Los Angeles and Dropping it off in Philadelphia is going to run me roughly 520 dollars, Plus gas of course.

    Other car rental places want to charge 500 - 800 dollars on top of rental fees just because I am dropping off the car out of state.

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