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  1. Default Summer Roadtrip worry? (baddukes wife)

    Hey All,

    I've been told to make sure I advise you that this is badduke's wife and not him asking this, lol.

    He has many postings on here regarding our roadtrip to Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, I know he has our itinerary posted.

    My query is, how prevalent are tarantulas? Where do I watch for them, are they obviously noticable? How do I avoid them at all costs, lol?
    I thought I'd ask because I am insanely fearful of them.

    Any feedback will be most welcome and you will be adored forever!! lol

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    Default Fear not.

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum. Spouses are always welcome.

    Well, let's start with some basic info on tarantulas. In the US, they're most likely to be found in New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California. More importantly to you, there is no substantiated case of human death due to a tarantula bite, and indeed, many are kept as pets. Last fall, I took my grandsons to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum where they handled these lovely furry little critters with great delight.


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    Hmm.. in a couple of decades of off-and-on desert camping in California/ Arizona area I've seen exactly one. That was while camping at Anza Borrego State Park.

    How prevalent are they? I'd say not amazingly prevalent. Where you watch for them is in open, scrubby, desert environments. They don't like cool wet areas, nor do they like bright light. They are nocturnal hunters and not seen much during the day.

    Are they obviously noticable? Yes, but I'm also one of those people who don't put their hands into rock piles without looking in it first. (I'm more concerned about snakes and scorpions and other poisonous spiders than tarantulas). Do common sense things like watching where you put your hands and feet when walking in the desert. Sort like don't wear open toed sandals when walking around cactus and sharp rocks...

    If you want to avoid them.. just basically stay out of the brush. And if you do, just make sure to wear closed toed shoes -- tennis shoes or the like will work. If you camp, make sure the doors and windows are closed with screens before going to bed.

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    Default Adoration is always a good thing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Badduke
    My query is, how prevalent are tarantulas?
    I have yet to see one in the wild. Black Widow spiders, tail-less scorpions are the critters I keep my eyes peeled for. Those things give me the shivers!
    Any feedback will be most welcome and you will be adored forever!!
    Hope that helps.


  5. Default On behalf of my wife...

    Thanks for the "tarantula chronicles". She is deathly afraid of the critters and I didn't know enough about their habits to put her mind at ease.
    I agree with you Mark...Black Widows and Scorpions are my concern...I don't much care for big hairy spiders myself, but I know they can't hurt me as much as the other things.

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