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    Default Salt Lake City to Las Vegas

    My husband and I would like to take 5 days and fly into Salt Lake, rent a car, and drive down to Vegas via St. George UT. We are looking at arriving SLC Saturday, leaving for St. George, spending the night, going to Zion or Bryce, back to St, George, then on to Vegas for 2-3 days (fifth trip to Vegas, staying at Bellagio). In your opinion, which is a better park to visit, Zion or Bryce? Also, any must see roadside Americana on the way?

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    Default Why Not Both?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Considering you have 5 days, and you've already made several trips to Vegas, I think you could see both. There really isn't a reason to go all the way to St. George the first night, if you are just going to backtrack to either park the next day anyway.

    I would leave SLC and head for Bryce instead of St. George. Stay near the park then head for Zion and onto St. George the next day - leaving a nice quick trip to Vegas the following morning.

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    Default I agree with Mark

    A terrific place to stay is at Ruby's Inn just outside the Bryce NP entrance. It's quite nice and there's tons to do there. You might not want to go onto Vegas.

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    I'll keep that in mind. Vegas was the intended vacation (this will be sort of an anniversary trip, and we were married there), but I thought spending a couple of days checking out other areas first would be fun. Last trip out we started in Las Vegas and drove out to Monterey CA before coming home and had a blast.

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