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  1. Default Take a look! MN to San Fran - 2 weeks

    We have two weeks to drive to San Fran from MN. We are flying back from San Fran (found cheap red-eye one ways)

    Mon - Valley City, ND - staying with a friend
    Tues - Jordan, MT - staying with a friend
    Wed - Cody, WY - hotel, rodeo
    Thurs - driving through Yellowstone + Tetons, staying in Jackson, WY
    Fri - Craters of the Moon in Idaho, staying in Boise
    Sat - Pendleton, OR
    Sun - Seattle
    Mon - Mt St Helens, staying in Astoria, OR
    Tues - Coos Bay, OR
    Wed - Redwoods, staying in Eureka, OR
    Thurs to Sat - San Fran

    Any info/cool places along the way? Everyone says Boise is boring...what else could we do?

    What about Pendleton?

    We'd love some advice here...


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    Default Getting Started

    Well, my travel in the Northwest is fairly limited, so I can't provide a lot of help. I will start you off by saying that the Teddy Roosevelt NP in western ND is really an overlooked gem in my opinion. Certainly worth a stop if you've got the time.

    I can't tell you much about Boise or Pendleton, other than to say that if you've think you've found a place that is boring on a roadtrip, you simply aren't looking hard enough. I've been in some much more out of the way places and wound up having some of the more fun than I could ever imagine. (Ever heard of Grenville, Quebec? I hadn't before I'd driven through, but the night I was there is still one of the must memorable nights I've ever had during a road trip)

    Since you're planning on stopping in Astoria, If you're a fan of the Goonies, the house is pretty easy to find. It is somebody's private home now, but the owner is very welcoming to those who are in the neighborhood - or at least she was a couple of years ago.

    Looks like a great trip, have a blast.

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    Default Southern Idaho Boring (!?!?!)

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with Michael on this one. There are absolutely no boring places. The area around Boise is chock full of great locations. For a few of the sights found by one of our contributors, check this thread.


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    Default Pendleton Wool Mills!

    Quote Originally Posted by GottaGo
    Wed - Redwoods, staying in Eureka, OR
    Eureka is in California, I just did that drive. It can be a long day but doable. Are you planning on staying on US-101 or cutting down to SR-1? I did the SR-1 detour two days ago. It is about an 8-hour trip that way.
    What about Pendleton?
    I ALWAYS recommend the Pendleton Woodlen Mill tour -- you will not believe where they let you walk!

    Actually, I would suggest a bigger detour -- go to Joseph and Enterprise -- flat-out amazing iron sculptures being created there.


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    Default Gosh, I love Boise!

    I've roadtripped through Boise and I spent a week there a few years back attending a seminar for work.

    Driving into Boise from the east is pretty cool. You will come to a rise with a large truck stop. Once over the rise, the city lies ahead. Unlike most cities there aren't miles of suburbia to drive through before you get there. There are fields, then there is the city. It's just there. It looks quite out of place.

    Downtown Boise is quite charming. Just a couple of blocks from the capital is a large square. It reminded me of something you would expect to see on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Most buildings had restaurants and bars on the second floor with outside seating on decks and large porches where one could sit and watch the activity in the square. Most nights there was some kind of entertainment in the square. There were bands, folk singers, etc. I can't remember all what but the music and entertainment was varied.

    Also, near the university in downtown Boise, there is a river that meanders through the town. Lots of folks were doing float trips or inner-tubing down the river....and right next to busy city streets to boot. I thought that was pretty cool.

    If you stopped in Boise while the town square was full of enteratinment, you'd have a great time.

    Pendleton has more than the woolen mill (yes, a very cool stop!). There's also an interesting museum of chinese medicinal practices that was apparently popular in that area at one time. It's been years since I've stopped there so I don't recall the name of it but even my kids were fascinated.

    Some of my favorite parts of Seattle are: the waterfront, Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe, The Farmer's Market, Pioneer Square, Bill Speidel's Underground Tour in Pioneer Square, oogling the high-priced, designer shops next to XXX-rated entertainment on 1st Avenue, the Fremont District (funky, bizarre, unique), and the Museum of Flight.

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