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    My friend and I are planning on taking a quick trip to Colorado around the 1st of July. Our first stop is Morrison, CO for the String Cheese Incident and afterwards we are going to the Rainbow Gathering but they haven't set a place for that yet. Our third stop is in Larkspur to visit a couple friends that are travelling with the Ren Fair but I think we might get to camp on site with them. I googled some campgrounds in the area but there are so many and so few have accurate descriptions or pictures so I was hoping some of you guys could turn me on to either some good sites you've camped at or some good sites online that I could look at myself. Normally I would just go with the flow and camp wherever but since it is over America Day weekend, I figured it would be a good idea to make some reservations. It's only a two-week trip, but any help would be much appreciated.

    By the way, we want to camp in remote campsites (primitive if we can find them) without a bunch of RVs and families. No KOA obviously. Thanks for all your help. You guys kick.
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    Depending upon where in Colorado exactly you end up, I would be looking for National Forest Lands. There are thousands of acres of forest land available throughout the state, including organized campgrounds, and dispersed areas where Camping is allowed. The vast majority of them are primative sites, and I suspect many of them do not accept reservations - which would be a plus if you wanted to take the go with the flow method.

    I spent a few nights in National Forest areas of Colorado last summer and had a great time. There were even a couple campgrounds where we were litterally the only ones in the area. With the plethora of sites, you should be able to find something, even over the Holiday.

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