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    We are heading out from Windsor Ontario right across from Detroit MI and driving I-90 essentially the whole way. Except the 5 hours at the beginning snaking through Michigan etc etc.
    We have planned to stop in Rapid City SD, and I have found a nice cheap campground there. And I have found a nice small provincial park in Gibsons B.C to stay at.
    But I am at a loss as to a good campground in or around Spokane WA, which will be our second stop over. If you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.
    As well as anything else along the way that would be of some interest to 4 Canadians stuck in a car for hours along I-90.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll tell you want I do for finding campgrounds. I simply pull out my atlas, and look for the state park with camping symbols that are near my destination. I really haven't gone wrong with this approach yet, and that's a lot of miles. I don't know of anything specific in the Spokane area, and I don't have my atlas in front of me right now, but I bet you could find something using this approach.

    I do have a question, you refered to Spokane as your "second stop-over." Please Tell me you don't plan to drive from Windsor to Spokane in 2 days.

    Windsor to Rapid City is 1200 Miles. That will take you a minimum of 22 hours on the road.

    Rapid to Spokane is another 900 miles - or 16+ hours of travel.

    Even with 4 people driving, I wouldn't wish that kind of trip on my worst enemy.

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    The state park route worked well for me. I found Riverside State Park in Washington. And there are still sites available since it is a Sunday night when we would be staying there.

    Yes the stop schedule is correct. We are going to be cranky buggers by the end. We may infact all hate eachother. It's our own little cannonball run.
    The first stretch will be the hardest. But we have done a straight run to Fl, and that takes 24 hrs.
    We will certainly be taking our time getting home. Since we won't be nearly as excited to get home.

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