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  1. Default Shoreline driving from Maine to Georgia?

    We're taking a road trip from Maine to Georgia and want to hug the coast as much as possible. I did this 10 or so years ago and have forgotten the route I took. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Atlantic Coast

    Hey fellow Atlantic Coast roadtripper. I'm taking the treck from North Carolina to Florida in just under 2 week. I'm so excited!!

    I found this site that lists the entire route from New York City to the keys, as well as 8 other wonderful passageways. They list little places to stop and eat, or spend the night. Things to see and do along the way. And all the coastal roads, keeping you in view of the coast.

    I'll let you know how well they are, as I am using it as a refrence for my trip.

    Check it out.

    Good luck and happy planning!


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