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  1. Default My first real roadtrip I need lots of help

    Hello I am new to this site so I hope I am posting in the right area. I am planning a road trip for this summer starting in mid June to the end of the first week of August. I will be taking my 11yo son and 9yo daughter. We want to hit as many states as possable and see as many cool things as we can. I would like to maybe travel for 2 or 3 days and stay 2 days in one area. and then travel for 2 or 3 days and so on. I would like to see museums, battlefields, and Historical sites. We dont really need to see theme parks or things of that nature but one or two would be ok. Does this seem like a doable thing with the amount of time we are talking about? We will be traveling in a FS crew cab truck with a cab over camper. Money is not really a problem. I would like to travel the southern route leaving Santa Cruz CA. going to Flordia then up to Main and back home with some time in Canada. I did this when I was a kid with my parrents and I have so many good memories of this trip that I want to share with my kids. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Kirk T.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default 3 weeks may be short

    Greetings Kirk, and welcome to the Forum!

    I take it this is more of a 'explore North America' type of trip. Wonderful. The only question is your exact start and end date... that would be a bit helpful. However, with that said, I think the timeframe may be pushing it slightly coming from California. With about 3 weeks time, it might be pushing it depending on how long you want to stay at each location.

    Just to give you another possibility, might I suggest a Western North American tour? A loop involving old Route 66, the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Glacier NP, Farragut State Park near Athol, Idaho (right off of Lake Pend Oreille), Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State (really cool Lazer Light show I'm sure still goes on), Pentiction BC, Vancouver BC; Fort Ebey, Fort Casey, Fort Warden, Fort Townsend, and Fort Flagger State Parks (Washington State, Whidbey Island and the Olympic Penn.), Seattle, St. Hellens, and back home. Streets and Trips shows the drive time for this to be about 76 hours, or a 10 days for the trip, which would give you some time to play with as far as route and stops.

    There are also plenty of battlefields (although that map is in my archives) from the Native American/Calvary-BIA battles scattered throughout, along with a LOT of museums, including the Klondike Gold Rush National Park (it's a museum in Pioneer Square in Seattle).

    Someone else may have a better suggestion that includes Florida, but I think it might be too far for that short of time frame to be comfortable.

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    Thanks for responding Brad. I am actually going for a total of 6 to 7 weeks I think. We are leaving around June 10th and coming back home Aug 7th. The main reason we are going on the trip is to visit my mom in her new house she just bought in Georgia. I dont plan on staying there for more than 4 days. I just took my kids to the Grand canyon and yellowstone last summer So I figure I dont have to take them back this year. However we did love both places. Oh and If you ever go to the Grand Canyon we stayed at a place called Beadrock city. It was intresting for sure.
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    Default Note to self- take a vacation!

    Quote Originally Posted by kct
    Thanks for responding Brad. I am actually going for a total of 6 to 7 weeks I think. We are leaving around June 10th and coming back home Aug 7th. The main reason we are going on the trip is to visit my mom in her new house she just bought in Georgia. I dont plan on staying there for more than 4 days. I just took my kids to the Grand canyon and yellowstone last summer So I figure I dont have to take them back this year. However we did love both places.
    Ah, okay... 6-7 weeks will be PLENTY of time to make one big loop around the US (July... I cannot believe I completely misplaced July! Shame on me... alas, I've been thinking more of hiring people for my company than anything else!) I don't know how far up into Canada, or how far west you go, but if you think you might be interested in visiting Washington, I would surely recommend visiting the San Juan Islands (site of the Pig War!), as well as Fort Ebey, Fort Casey, Fort Warden, and Fort Flagger (and bring some high powered flashlights to explore these old WWII forts!). They were all built to protect Puget Sound from invading ships... but, they were never really used because by the time they were fully complete, the war was nearly over. Its really a great historical site, and Fort Casey is home to Admirality Light if you like lighthouses.

    If you're looking to set up a list of battlefields to visit out east, Shiloh would be a good one if you're in that area of Tennessee.

    I keep trying to remember as many Civil War battlefields as I can, but that was the only one that sprang into my head.

    If you haven't already, you might consider visiting Arcosanti off of I-17 north of Phoenix, AZ (near the town of Cordes Junction). It's a 100% self-contained Utopian city designed by Palo Soleri. It's in the process of construction, but you can stop by and enjoy the cafe, and pick up a bell or two.

    If I can think of anything else, I'll certainly let you know!

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    Default A few links

    Hi Kirk,

    Looks like you've got a nice trip ahead! Here's a recent thread about attractions to see along the southern route and another one about the east coast. If you cross north of the border to the province of Quebec, I strongly suggest you spend at least one day in Quebec City (lots of historical sites to explore) and another one in Montreal and the Eastern Townships.

    Happy planning!


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    Thanks Glen for the added information. I was not really sure what to do when we were on the road. This site is EXCELENT. Thanks for the info guys.

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    So this is what I have planned so far. I will be leaving Santa Cruz CA and driving to Las Vegas NV. I will spend 2 nights there with the wife and kids and the wife will be leaving back to home and I will drive to Gallup NM With the kids in tow. I figure it should take about 8 hours. I will spend the night in Gallup and then Drive to Roswell NM and spend the day there. Once we are done in Roswell I will drive over to Amarillo TX Possably staying there if I make it all the way there in one day otherwise I will stay in Roswell and leave in the morning. in eather case I will then Try to drive to Oaklahoma City and Stay there overnight and See what OK City has to offer. In the morning I will drive to Ft Smith AK. I will spend the night at Ft Smith and in the AM leave to Memphis and and see Graceland if possable. I will Spend the night in Memphis and Then drive to Nashville. I will eather Spend the night at Nashville and then drive to Chattanooga TN in the morning. or Try to make it to Chattanooga Tn that night. If I make it to Chattanooga I will spend the night there. So far that is all I have. I dont know what I will see on the way but I guess that is half the fun. I will get back to you with the rest of the trip. I think I will eventually go to Savannah Georgia and Then head North. I figure I will stay on HWY 95 all the way to Washington DC. I want to spend at least 4 days in Washington to see as much as I can. I will then head further north to Boston. From Boston I would like to head over to Niagra Falls But from there I am not sure what route to take back home. I figure hwy 70 or hwy 80 But I dont know which one has more to offer.

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    Ok This is what I have so Far for the route,

    Leaving Las Vegas Nevada on hwy 93 to Kingman Arizona,
    Hwy 93 from Kingman Arizona to Hwy 40
    Hwy 40 Nashville Tennessee
    Hwy 40 to Hwy 24 To Chattanooga
    Hwy 24 to Hwy 75 Georgia. Meet Mom in Georgia stay 1 week.
    Leaving Savannah Georgia Hwy 95 North.
    95 To boston Mass.
    95 to 90 to Niagra Falls
    90 to 79 To 70 West
    70 west to Kansas City
    70 west to 29 North
    29 north to Omaha Nebraska
    29 North to 80 West
    80 West to Sacramento then home

    Now for things to do I am going to need help. This is what I have so far
    Arizona__________________________Hoover Dam

    New Mexico______________________Roswell


    Oklahoma________________________Oaklahoma city Bombing


    Tennessee_______________________Graceland, Nashville, Unto These Hills Play,

    Georgia__________________________Mom should be able to show me around

    South Carolina

    North Carolina

    Virginia__________________________Jamestown, Monticello,


    New Jersey


    Rhode Island

    Massachusetts____________________Freedom Trail walking tour

    New York_________________________West Point Military Academy, Statue of liberty

    Pennsylvania______________________Independence hall, Liberty bell, Betsy ross house, Valley Forge, Philadelphia mint, Amish Village, Train Town USA,
    Hershey, Gettysburg, Cyclorama, Harpers Ferry,

    Washington DC_____________________Air and space Museum, American History Museum, National mall and Memorials, NRA museum, Mt Vernon, Whitehouse, FBI tour, Arlington Cemetery









    Utah______________________________Salt Lakes, Mormon Church

  9. Default 18 days on the East coast

    I am planning a 5 week road trip and want to drive from ca to the east coast. I want to spend 18 days on the east coast. The farthest south I want to go is Savannah and the farthest north I want to go is Boston. I will be taking along my son (12) and my daughter (9) My wife will fly out for 10 days and she would like to spend some time at the Smithsonian museum's. I want to see a play called something like in to these hills. I know it is in south but not sure where. I want to know if it is worth going past New York to Boston or should I just head over to Niagra falls on the way home? On the way out I will be driving 40 to 24 to 75 to 16. and then up the eastern coast on hwy 95 I would like to head back home on hwy 70 to hwy 29 and then to hwy 80. If you know of any good historical sights to see on the route please tell me about where they are located. I want this to be fun and memorable for the kids. We are leaving in July and hope to be home By the end of August.

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    Default Welcome back!

    Your trip is getting close. I hope everybody is excited!

    I can't give you any advice on whether or not you should go farther than Boston as I haven't had the pleasure of spending time there. Sorry.

    I think one of the best ways to find historical sites is to request free information from the tourism office of each state you will be traveling through. However, I don't think you have time for that now. So I would google the various state tourism offices and see what they have on their websites. Most are very well done and full of information. State tourism offices tend to do a terrific job of promoting their local histories so you should get a lot of good answers to those questions.

    If you wouldn't mind reposting your route with city info, as in I-40 to _(city)___, then 24 to __(city)___, etc. it would be easier for me to look at a map and see if I know of any historical places along those routes. It's confusing doing it with just routes.

    I googled for the play you're seeking and came up with this website "Unto These Hills" that has a description and allows you to buy tickets online. I had never heard of it before but it sounds like it's really a fascinating play, now in it's 57th year.

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