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  1. Default Good family fun route from Portland, Or to Denver

    Going on a rode trip end of June with 2 five year olds. We want camping along the way and would love insight about campsites and routes to get there. We were thinking of leaving on I-84 to Boise and then maybe thru Salt Lake and on to Denver but we are open to suggestions.

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    Default How long?

    Quote Originally Posted by emopilopyop
    Going on a road trip end of June with 2 five year olds.
    Sounds like a great adventure! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. I am near Eureka at the moment and not near any of my maps. I suggest searching for tips under user name "Judy". One question that will be helpful to us. How long is this adventure going to last?


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    Default My ears are burning, Mark! LOL

    Yes, how long do you have? What kind of things do you want to do along the way? If you will give us more information, we can give better advice.

    If you have time, I would go to SLC on alternate roads and skip the interestate. But, if you need to make good time, the interstate is a nice drive and a perfectly good option.

    Anyway, I'll be glad to spend some time giving you some specific advice if you would give us a better idea of your goals, timeframe, must-see and must-do types of things, etc.

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