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    Hi Everyone. We are from New Zealand and coming to the States for 5 weeks in September 2006. We are planning a road trip from New York City to Bardstown, Kentucky for the Bourbon Festival. We are allowing 7 days to get there. We want to take in the sights and have enough time to stop and do interesting things along the way. It would be fantatsic to come off the main highways etc. I do have a few questions and would appreciate any advise. Do you think this distant/ time allowed is an achieveable goal? Can anyone suggest interesting places to go during this time? Could be go down the coast and then inland? Or are there other routes which you would suggest. Is it feasiable to include Washington DC on this itinery? We are very new to this so we would be grateful for any suggestions or advise. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tash
    Hi Everyone. We are from New Zealand and coming to the States for 5 weeks in September 2006
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Wow, a bourbon festival! I could go for that. I am on the road myself and not near any of my maps -- but I am sure that one of our local roadtrippers will be on the board soon. Seven days is a very reasonable period. I will be back at a mobile office location in 24 hours and will add some more info then. Welcome to America!


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    Hi again

    Thanks for the warm welcome. We are looking at making our way to the Six Flags Adventure park in Jackson NJ - as we have heard about the rollercoasters. I would welcome information on the NJ Shore beaches. I see that there is a Seafood Festival at Pleasant Point Beach approx 17 September - I would love to hear from anyone who has been to this or anyone who has information about the beaches along this part of the coast.
    We have also been gathering information about Virginia and would be interested in hearing from people with information about this state - we have been reading a bit about the wonderful vineyards/ wineries in this part of the country.
    With regards to Washington DC - would it be an achievable goal to head into the city and see the sights and leave within one day or do you really need to spend more time here? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you all

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