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  1. Default Tampa to Raliegh and back in a week

    My husband, 9 year-old son and I need to go to Raliegh, NC for a one day family reunion. We would like to make it a whole week by just stopping at interesting and fun things along the way -- any ideas? My son loves sports and we are definately hitting Duke University in Durham when we arrive in the triangle area, but other than that, I need some ideas.


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    Default Sounds like a great idea!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dukemom
    My husband, 9 year-old son and I need to go to Raliegh, NC for a one day family reunion.
    Sounds like a perfect excuse for a road trip to me! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I am guessing that you already know about some of the cool parks in Florida? But if you haven't been to Blue Springs SP up by St. Johns, it is a very fun place to walk around. And I am guessing that you have also checked out Discovery Cove near Orlando? I always wanted to go, but never could quite fit that in.

    Another cool place in Florida I would suggest -- pretty amazing when you are 9 or 99 years old is the butterfly forest at the state museum in Gainesville.

    Just past the Florida/Georgia border you can wander around Fort King George -- built in 1721 -- some old cannons and other cool stuff there.

    At exit 99 (on I-95) is another place I would go, if I was there -- the Roundhouse Railroad Museum.

    I have always wanted to go canoeing on the Canoe and Kayak trail along the Edisto River -- you could easily spend a day or two here.

    South of the Border -- need I say more?

    I hope this gets you started!


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