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    My friends and I want to plan a trip for Biking, Rafting, and a BBQ in PA, any ideas?- Elie Korbman

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    Greetings Elie and welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Biking, Rafting, and a BBQ in PA
    I'm really not in expert in those fields, but I think north and eastern Central PA might offer the perfect settings for that kind of outdoor activities. Here's a link to a PA mountain biking site that gives useful information on the various trails to be found in that State. I think a great rafting spot would be the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Also, you could take a look at this list of PA State Parks to find other ideas. Guided White water rafting can be found in Jim Thorpe or at Ohiopyle State Park, among others. When you say BBQ do you mean you want to cook outdoor with your friends or that you want to find a good BBQ restaurant? If so, you might want to take a look at our Road Eats Page.

    Hope this helps!
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    For not being an expert, Gen has pointed you to some of the best spots in Pennsylvania, namely those in and around the Poconos. One other place you should look into is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. As the name suggests, it has plenty of outdoor activities in a beautiful setting. Be sure to use the search function in the web site to look for what you particularly want. The one activity it's a little short on is biking, but some of the best mountain biking in the notheast is in the Poconos at spots like Big Pocono Trail on Camelback Mountain, and Lehigh Gorge and Blue Mountain in Jim Thorpe. You should have a great time.


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