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    Hello everyone! My name is Milla and Iīm from Finland, Europe. We (me and my husband) are planning a roadtrip through south of United States. Starting from Miami, Florida and ending up in Los Angeles / San Fransisco, California. We are thinking to do this trip in year 2007 or 2008 and this time I would like to hear from you that what time of year would be the best time to do this kind of trip. This is what we want: Sunny, warm (not too hot), no hurricanes... and no snow (exept on mountains) I think about 30 celcius/86 farenheits would be nice but not too hot because here in Finland it rarely goes higher that that. And of course it would be nice if the nature would be green (not burned).
    Next question would be that because we have small childrens and donīt want to leave them for many weeks so would 3 weeks be enough for this kind of trip? I can put here some kind of plan about our trip (this is just our first plan): Miami - Orlando (Disneyland or we go in California) - Jacksonville - Savannah - Atlanta - go down to New Orleans - Houston - Dallas - Roswell - Phoenix - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - (San Fransisco)

    This is our "about" route. But I guess you can answer me that will 3 weeks be to short if we want to stay in Los Angeles few days (Hollywood, Santa Barbara etc.) And we dontīt have to go to Savannah and Atlanta ... we can go straight from Florida to New Orleans...


    Should we just fly to Atlanta and forget Florida?


    Would just a trip to California and Las Vegas (maybe to Grand Canyon) be the best trip in two/three weeks?

    I really really really want to see life in southern states and feel the thing! Maybe it is just a dream what i have had from all the tv-series and movies and itīs not worth it...

    Did I say that we will celebrate our both 30 th birthday and that why we are doing this trip. I also want to see New York some day but it will be another time and trip :-)

    I will tell you more about our plans as the time goes by... and Iīm sorry about my poor english... itīs not my mother language :-)

    And please move this thread to itīs own place if this is not a summer roadtrip.
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