I am planning a road trip from Seattle, WA to Cleveland, OH from May 30 to June 8, 2006.

This is my current route: Please suggest if Yellowstone to Arches NP is too much of a stretch in this time?

DAy 1: Drive 900 miles to West Yellowstone.

Day 2 + half Day 3: Yellowstone

Day 3 (evening): Drive 600 miles to Arches NP

Day 4: Arches NP

Day 5: Mt Rushmore, Badlands, SD, Devil's Tower, WY

Day 6 (PM): Minnesota (visiting friend)

Day 7: Notredame, IN (visiting friend)

Day 8 AM: Cleveland, OH

Any suggestions on the routes? Is this feasible?

What are the "must see" places in Yellowstone? Good camping place?