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  1. Default San Fran / Miami / New York

    We are two New Zealanders planning a 4 week road trip across the US, but I think we may be trying to squeeze in too much.
    The plan is to drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas, then head east and down to Miami, then up to New York.
    We want to use some of the more scenic roads and we don't want to have to be driving every day.
    Is this realistic or should we forget about Florida?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am used to driving around a much smaller country!
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    Default 4500 miles, minimum!

    At 4500 miles if you stick to the quickest routes via interstates, you would need to average driving 161 miles over 28 days. If you take secondary, scenic roads, it's going to add miles. It's hard to say how many without knowing what you're planning. If you do a fair amount of meandering, you could be adding significant miles/time.

    Also, keep in mind that RV's typically drive slower. While cars may be able to easily cover 161 miles in 2.5-3 hours, it might take 3-4 hours in an RV (depending on how twisty-turning it is, the elevation gains/loss, etc.). So you will have to plan accordingly.

    This is do-able. You could certainly drive 200, or even 500 miles one day, and then stay in place for a day or two before moving on. It isn't going to allow you enough time to explore a lot. For that distance, I really think you would have a more leisurely, enjoyable trip if you can add time or shortern your trip. But this all depends on what type of trip you're thinking about. If you desire to see as much of this country as possible, and seeing a wide variety of places, the trip you're planning should do that just fine. If you desire to really get to know certain areas and have time to explore them fully, you're probably cutting it a bit too tight.

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    Default A Bit of a Large Chew

    Well, you're looking at about 4500 miles if you finish up in New York rather than drive all the way back to San Francisco. Over 4 weeks, that means you'd have to do about 160 miles a day, or 320 miles every other day. Now that can be done and you won't have to drive every day, but if you want to take some scenic roads and see some sights, then you will have to drive a fair bit on most days. So whether to forget about Miami depends on how much you're willing to drive and why you want to go to Miami in the first place. If it's just for the beaches, then a good alternative would be the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That change alone would lower your mileage total to 3600 miles, not that much more than a straight-shot transcontinental drive.


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