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    I was hoping someone would be able to tell me some interesting places to go to along our way from Buffalo, NY to Traverse City, MI (and back again). I plan on leaving mid-may. Thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kmg879
    I was hoping someone would be able to tell me some interesting places to go to along our way from Buffalo, NY to Traverse City, MI
    Krissy, Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. Thus far, I haven't explored much of Michigan north of Detroit, but if you like automotive plants there are several around Flint. I am sure one of our local roadtrippers will jump in here -- but in random order.... I have always wanted to go to Nirvana, Michigan and look for funny road signs... Actually your timing is just about perfect for the cherry blossoms around Traverse City. Traverse City is home to a few million cherries and I have heard that the blossoms are awesome in May. The annual festival is in July, but I think you can find addresses on this site for viewing the fields now (although I don't think you will need them!).

    Do you like fried chicken? If so, you have to stop at Frankenmuth (between Detroit and Flint) home to two of the largest restaurants in America. Zhender's and the Bavarian Inn serve around 2,000,000 meals per year and the Frankenmuth Brewery is a fun place as well.

    Happy Planning!


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    I was actually planning on going through Canada to make my trip shorter (we're visiting a friend), so we won't be in the Detroit area.


    krissy ;)

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    Default Slight detours

    I can't think of anything specific directly on your route (I'm assuming when you say you are going through canada, you mean crossing into Michigan at Sarnia.) but I can think of a few things not too far away.

    Cereal City USA in Battle Creek always looked like it would be a fun stop. Unfortunately, the one time I was in the area, they didn't open until 10 am, and I had to be on the road right after Breakfast.

    Macinaw Bridge and nearby area is a very nice place to relax for awhile, and if you keep going further up the road you could checkout the shipwreck museum in Sault Ste. Marie. And if you go that far north, then you might as well take the trip back through Canada over the top of Lake Huron.
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