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    i recently won a grant to travel from buffalo, ny to san jose, ca for a conference july 24-27. the experince of the cross country is part of the project. i was looking for tips and times for travel. my boyfriend is accompanying me. one the way to california the i think we will be rushed to get there as my boyfriend has prior commitments. we could leave earliest on the 19th..with only 4-5days to reach our destination. is this easily possible? fortuntley we have no major time restrains for the return trip home.

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    Welcome on to the RTA Forum and congrats on your grant.

    You are looking at a 2700 mile trip one way, so if you take 5 days to do it, you'll need to average 540 miles per day. That's pretty much a speed run, so while I wouldn't call it an easy trip, you should be able to do it without any major problems.

    I'd check out The Art of the Speed Run and take the Roadtrip Compatability Test with your boyfriend before heading out on the road.

    Once you have some ideas for how long you plan to spend on the road driving back and have some general ideas of places you'd like to see, I'm sure you'll find more help on the forum.

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