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    Hi everyone! I'm in the beginning stages of planning a week long roadtrip to the San Juan Islands, Olympic NP, and then Seattle. Thinking of leaving mid-Sept, after Labor Day but hopefully before it gets cold.

    I've never been on the west coast (originally from the east coast) but I would like to visit the Pacific Northwest. This is more of a sampler trip -- I want to see a bit of everything.

    I have a preliminary schedule. Any feedback would be great.

    1: Arrive at SEA. Drive to Anacortes and stay in Anacortes
    2: ferry to Orcas and stay in Orcas (camp Moran State Park but willing to take other suggestions)
    3: ferry to Friday Harbor and stay in Friday Harbor (camp somewhere - suggestions?)
    4: ferry to Anacortes, drive to Port Angeles, explore Olympic and stay in Port Angeles
    5: drive to Hoh, explore Olympic and stay in Forks
    6: ? (Thinking of exploring the Kalaloch area or Quinault at Olympic but wondering if there's a "must-see" spot between Olympic and Seattle. Wanted to visit Mt. Rainier but I think it's too far.)
    7: drive to Seattle, explore Seattle, stay in Seattle
    8: fly back home

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    Greetings Sunfish and welcome to the RTA Forum!
    I'm in the beginning stages of planning a week long roadtrip to the San Juan Islands, Olympic NP, and then Seattle.
    Unfortunately, I haven't been to any of these places (yet!) but some of our contributors live close by. Be sure to check out Judy's posts for great tips (ex. : 1, 2) .


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    Default Camping on San Juan Island

    Camping is available in a couple of spots on San Juan Island. One is San Juan County Park, on the windward side of San Juan Island. Lakedale Resort on San Juan Island also offers tent and RV Camping, as well as lodges and cabins. They are a wee bit on the expensive side (I'm used to paying $10 for a USFS campground), but they look like a really nice and well kept campground.

    While on San Juan Island, don't forget to visit the American and British Camps, part of the San Juan Island National Historic Park

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