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  1. Default Road Trip Documentary- HELP!!!

    Hello to all.
    My name is Joseph G. McKinley and I am a film-maker and I love to travel and see new things. In my next project I am going to combine these two things. I am going to make a documentary on a 15,000+ mile road trip.

    __________________________________________________ ______________
    So here's the plan...

    Go from Augusta, Maine to Key West, FL. app. 1800 miles
    (along the way here will probably stop in Boston, NY, Philly, DC, Outer Banks NC or Myrtle Beach)...

    Go from Key West, FL to Somwhere in TX. app. 1500 miles.
    (stop somewhere on FL. gulf side and New Orleans)

    Possible Detour into Mexico... app. 800 miles.
    (mexico city, cancun?)

    Go from TX to Arizona app. 1100 miles.
    (possible white wate rafting through the grande canyon...or at least hiking and staying a few days)

    Go from Arizona to San Diego, CA. app. 550 miles
    (see the sights hang out at the beach)

    *here we drive up the California coast stopping in LA and other california cities*

    Go from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA. app. 1300 miles.

    Go from Seattle, WA to Anchorage, Alaska. app. 2500 miles.
    (along the way plan to stop in Vancouver and other cool canadian places)

    Go from Anchorage Alaska to Salt Lake City, UT. app. 3000 miles.
    (along the way hit more canadian places and potatoe farms in Idaho :) )

    Go from Salt Lake City, UT to Durango, CO (and surrounding areas). app. 400 miles

    the rest of the trip is not planned, but I'm thinking maybe drive though mid-west go through Kansas, St. Louis Missouri, Memphis/Nashville TN, up to Kentucky, through West Virginia, ending in VA Beach. app. 2500 miles.

    Along the way I plan on videoing the whole experience... I plan on taking tents and camping as much as possible and taking in as much of the local experience as I can in the different states or provinces I am in. AKA hiking grand canyon, driving blue ridge parkway, catching broadway show in NY, surfing in CA, skiing in Alaska, etc etc...i'll probably bring some golf clubs too :)...

    As I venture into different parts of the country/world, I plan on interviewing people etc asking them questions on life, philosophy, politics, religion, education etc...

    I plan on making a full length documentary out of it when I am done. Just in time for film school eh?

    TOTAL TRIP......MILEAGE = app. 16,000 miles...(AT LEAST)
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    OK so i'm figuring gas for this trip is going to be between 3,500 or 4,000.
    is this a good estimate?

    Are there any other areas you would suggest going to...
    Are there certain attractions you would suggest we do in the areas we have planned? We really need help with this in Alaska/Canada/Midwest...

    4 guys are going total and we plan on camping...if you know of good specific campgrounds let us know.

    If you live in some of the places listed or anywhere in between and would like to help by offering a stay over night, tour around town, interview on camera, or a homecooked meal let us know too!

    Thanks everyone!
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    That sounds like an awesome idea, and most of the areas you have picked sound pretty interesting. It sounds like you're capturing most of the country. I'll be awaiting the results of this project!

    When travelling, I am often amazed at the different attitudes in different locations around the country. It's amazing what some folks consider stressful, etc. I think the Canadian and Mexican perspectives will offer a good comparison, too.

    I don't envy the editing task that's before you!

    Quote Originally Posted by jgmckinley
    As I venture into different parts of the country/world, I plan on interviewing people etc asking them questions on life, philosophy, politics, religion, education etc...
    Ahh.....#s 2,3, & 4 should really get the words flowing!

    Good luck and have a safe journey.

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    Default Texas and Cali tips.

    Sounds like quite the adventure. Stop by Austin Texas and I'll cook you dinner and show you around. Its beautiful out here. Not like you think Texas should look. You have got to float on the river. Its the "thing" to do out here.

    When you get to Cali there are plenty of camp sights along the beach. Just take Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1 or PCH to us locals) and go North. It curves the coast all the way up to Oregon as it passes through San Diego, Orange County, LA, Santa Barbra. Its all beautiful. THe best camping spots are Dohenee Beach and the camps in Ocean Side and Laguna Beach. And Huntington Beach has the best waves and surf instructors if you want to try that out. I could always call up an old friend to take you out as well.

    When you get to San Diego, take the 5 down to the Mexican border. I am going to assume that you and your friends are young so you will blend right in. Park the car and take the walk into Mexico and go to Tiajuana (TJ). That is where every kid under 21 goes that lives in So Cal. It is quite the experience. Just be careful! You can get in a lot of trouble for little things. And there is a ton of camping along the coast in Mexico if you wanted to drive in and see more of it. But TJ's a blast. Most clubs are about $15 to get in adn its all you can drink all night long. You cant beat that! And dont forget your passports!

    San Diego has some beautiful beaches and tourest attractions. In all the beach cities, locals hang out on the pier. Dont know why but that is just what everyone does. Great fishing off them too!

    Let me know if I can be of any more help in Texas or So Cal.


  4. Default thanks

    I actually live in dallas so I will defnitely be stopping there and then going down the state and hopefully into mexico. Austin will definitely be on the list of things to do. I will let you know as things progress.

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    Default leaving?

    Hey Joe, when do you plan on starting this trip??

  6. Default ...

    later than I wish....

    Plan to start May of 2007

    until then I plan on trying to raise funds etc for the project.
    Thanks for your interest!


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    Default Two Film Documentarians on the road!

    Quote Originally Posted by jgmckinley
    I am going to make a documentary on a 15,000+ mile road trip.
    Have you looked at this other on-the-road film project being discussed currently?


  8. Default

    Didn't see that!
    Looks like we are both focusing on totally different subjects though.
    Mine is more vague, as I want traveling the country to spark discussions. I want the people I am interviewing to shape the topics discussed. Looks like he want's to focus purely on internet etc.

    Hooray for indie filmmakers!

  9. Default

    Does anybody know if this documentary was actually finished?
    Would love to watch it.

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    Default I doubt it.

    We never heard back from the Original poster and they haven't been active on the forum since August 2006.

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