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    Other than trips to Mardi Gras or South Padre, I've never been on a good road trip just to see sites or without a destination.

    Worked through college as a cabinet builder and instead of using my degree, I kept that job a year too long until I lost a couple finger tips. Now at the end of my healing, and deciding its time to use my degree, I'm planning on taking a road trip first.

    Probably from Kansas to Vegas with at least a stop at the grand canyon. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appeciated. Thanks in advance.

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    One tip I can give you, is that if you see something interesting, such as on a sign or a quirky building, check it out. So many times, especially when I was just getting into doing this, I would say "next time" or something similar. Sometimes, the "next time" comes around and the location is gone!

    If you have time to meander, please do. You'll be glad you did!

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