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    I will be driving from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, North Carolina in May. Any tips/suggestions/places to visit on the way? I will be leaving May 9, staying overnight in probably Las Vegas... My road partner requested to drive thru Colorado & I wanted to check out Washington DC. We don't have THAT much time (My plane ride home is the 17th), so we'll be leaving Vegas the 10th & have a week to get to North Carolina. (Would like to get to Washington DC the 15th?!?!) The best scenic route, I can drive a little out of the way???... Any suggestions welcome.

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    I will be driving from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, North Carolina in May.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! That is a nice route. A couple of things -- shortest possible route from LA to Jacksonville via Denver and Washington DC is approximately 3220 miles. If you stay over-night in Las Vegas on the 9th and wish to reach Washington DC by the 15th you will need to drive a minimum of 492 miles each day and spend at least 8.5 hours on the road. Our rule of thumb around here is that over an eight hour travel day you can average between 55 and 57 MPH (assuming you drive close to or in excess of the speed limit the entire time). You can certainly cover the distance in that time and with two drivers you can push a little farther than nine hours each day enabling you to stop and see some things on the way.

    On the first day, you can probably take the time to drive through Zion National Park and up US-89 to I-70. You are going to love the viewpoints alond I-70 in Utah and Colorado -- make a point to stop at most of them. If you have time jump down to Arches NP for some sunset shots. I would pause that first night at Grand Junction.

    The second night is going to be a function of how far you feel you can drive. I am guessing somewhere in Kansas. Be sure to stop in St. Louis and take the tour of the Arch!

    Happy Planning!

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    I appreciate it! So, you would suggest Kansas as opposed to Nebraska? I was thinking of stopping in Chicago? St. Louis would be on the way, correct?... Between Denver & Chicago which is the best route? Or is there a different way you'd suggest more between Grand Junction & Washington DC?.. Thank you!!

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    I am going from Denver to Washington DC and wanted to know the best route to take? I figured I'd go down the I-70?, and have 5-days. Does anyone know any interesting towns/places... to visit on the way? Are there any stops I should make, or other routes you'd suggest... ? Thank you!

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