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    I plan on traveling from Madison, WI to Kodiak, AK. Has any one of your forum board members taken a road trip up to Alaska? I am curious because if you have, I would like to keep in touch and ask any questions that pop up in my head concerning my trip. For instance...I know there is no sleeping allowed at the rest stops in Yukon Territory and British Columbia, but this was going to be my primary means of "lodging." Do you have any suggestions concerning where I could sleep for - say - less than $12 (US Dollars) per night? (Possible inexpensinve camping grounds along the "Alcan" highway would be good). Also, I don't know much about currency exchange. Do all currency exchangers offer the same turnover rates per U.S. dollar? Let's start with these two questions and go from there. Thank you very much.

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    Default Currency Exchange

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I haven't made the trip to Alaska (yet), but I will say that money exchange will vary depending upon where you go. They will all be in the same ballpark, but the private exchangers tend to give the worst rates.

    I've found the best rates tend to be right at the border, where some of the Canadian Welcome Centers offer exchange services.

    However, when I'm across the border, I now pretty much stick to ATMs, and use credit cards which generally offer an even better rate than any cash exchange. You have to be careful though, some companies have significant fees that wipe out the favorable exchange rate.

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    Default Campgrounds & money exchange


    Do you have any suggestions concerning where I could sleep for - say - less than $12 (US Dollars) per night?
    I found a website that might help you find a couple of ideas. Here are 2 online directories of B-C campgrounds : 1 2 along with some free travel literature. You can browse through camping brochures for Yukon Territory here and order a free guidebook.

    Here are some unofficial places in Alaska, another useful site and an article giving information on campgrounds along the Alcan highway.

    As for money exchange, if I were you, I'd stick to banks, ATM and credit cards like Midwest Michael suggested.

    Have a great trip!

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    Before somebody else mentions it, get a copy of the Milepost. it will tell you everything you need or want to know about driving up here. the 2008 version is out.

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