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Thread: Reno to Tucson

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    Default Best route to Tucson from Reno??

    Hi!! :)

    I too would like to relocate.

    I'm looking for advice on the best route to take from Reno, Nevada to Tucson, Arizona.

    I also need to be more concerned with speed than sidetrips.

    Mapquest is saying that it would be 1,005.20 miles using I-80, I-5, I-210, and then I-10 (with a few minor short trips on a few other highways but basically the main highways are listed).

    What does everyone think??

    Thanks very much!!
    Diane in Reno (hopefully soon in Tucson!)
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    Default Us 395

    Welcome to the RTA Forum Diane!

    I suspect taking US-395 all the way down to I-10 near San Bernardino would be faster than going all the way over to I-5.

    From there I-10 will take you right into Tucson.

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    Default Alternative Route

    Quote Originally Posted by dianetucson06
    I'm looking for advice on the best route to take from Reno, Nevada to Tucson, Arizona.
    I have never been a fan of Mapquest -- the algorithms it uses -- are just... odd. If it were me, and I was looking for the fastest route I would use US-50 to Ely and then south on US-93 to I-15/US-93 and follow it all the way to Phoenix where I would jump on I-17 into Tucson. Posted speed limits are less on this route -- but I would wager that anyone could drive it faster than going west over to I-5.

    There is a huge caveat here -- and since you are towing -- you should factor this in as well. Both US-395 and the US-50 routes include several elevation gains and losses -- with the exception of Donner Summit and the Tehachapi pass -- the route suggested by Mapquest has the fewest climbs and descents -- I still think the routes suggested by Midwest Michael and myself are faster for a normal passenger vehicle, but towing a trailer.... Hmmmm, it could be a wash and a lot less wear and tear if you bite the bullet and use the Mapquest suggestion.

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    Default Thanks guys, for the replies!

    Yeah, both those routes sound better to me too. I was sure wondering about that!!

    BTW, I also found out that I can get U-Haul for a bit cheaper than Penske. I know U-Haul had gotten a bad rep over the years. But I wonder if they are stepping up now???

    Thanks again for the help and information!!

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    Default UHaul

    I personally have used UHaul several times for major moves without any problems. I also once worked at a UHaul dealership, so I know a little bit about how the company works too.

    Personally, I've found they tend to have better prices, slightly nicer equipment, and far more locations, which is why I've worked with them for most of my moves.

    I've also used Budget on one occation, and while there were no major problems, I did like UHaul better. I've never used Penske, so I can't really comment about them.

    I know UHaul has gotten a bad rep, but I've never really felt it was deserved. Certainly, no one wants to have a truck break down, particularly when its filled with all their stuff, but it does happen. But considering the shear numbers of people who use their trucks, some problems are inevitable. I imagine if the other companies rented as much stuff as UHaul, you'd hear about them too. But that's just my opinion.

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