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    Hi! We are Taking a little roadtrip next week. We are leaving Sandusky, Ohio on Monday AM and meeting friends in Chicago at 10:00 AM Tuesday. CHicago is not even a 5 hour drive but we wanted to get most of the friving done Monday but still have time for fun! I thought it would be fun to hang out in Nappennee (Amish Country) and spend the night there but the more I think about it, I dont know if I want to get up and have such a early start Tuesday A.M with a 3 year old. We are going to have a very long day. Any ideas ??? Maybe somewhere closer to Chicago?

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    Nappanee, IN is definitely an interesting place, but if time is a factor I probably wouldnt recommend it as it is a ways from the Indiana Toll Road (I'm assuming thats how you're getting to Chicago) and you have to take 2 lane roads from the toll road to get there.

    A couple of alternatives would be Shipshewana, IN which is just south of the toll road but still a ways from Chicago. I'd go there if you are at all interested in antique shopping.

    My best suggestion would be to go to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore which is on Lake Michigan near Michigan City, IN. Its close to the toll road, its close to Chicago and its a really interesting place from what I can remember going there as a kid.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    It sounds as though you're just looking for where to lay up for the night before making the run into Chicago on Tuesday morning. There's absolutely no reason you can't see and enjoy Nappanee for as much of Monday as you like, but I agree with your feeling that staying the night there would leave more of a drive the next morning than you may be comfortable with. The other thing to consider is that you're going to be heading into Chicago either during or just after rush hour, so you probably want to leave as little driving for the morning as possible. If it were me, I'd spend my relaxing day doing whatever I wanted on Monday, but make sure that I got into the Valparaiso/Portage region for my night's stay. That way, you're near Chicago and near the Interstates, and can probably wait until nearly 9:00 on Tuesday morning before venturing into the city (depending, of course, on where exactly you have to get to.) One other thing to keep in mind is that one of our contributors from Chicago reports that one of the major expressways in Chicago is under repair. So, I'd avoid that for sure and be ready for increased traffic on the other expressways as well.

    Good Luck!


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