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    Husband and I are planning a road trip out west in July. Neither of us have ever been to the west coast. We want to fly into San Francisco and fly out of Vegas. Want to see the wine country, redwoods, scenic drive down the coast of California from SF, the Grand Canyon, and a little time in Vegas. Also open to any must see suggestions along the route we take. We have about two weeks, is this enough time to do all the above? And how many days should we spend in each, travel time, etc? I have read many of the previously posted threads and they have been very helpful thus far. Hope I am not being redundant but looking to the expert road trippers for the best route advice with this trip. Thank you so very much.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    You've already taken two giant steps toward a great trip by picking one of the most scenic (and popular) itineraries and by having checked out the previous discussions of the sights along the way. Two weeks is about the minimum amount of time to make the one way trip you're contemplating, with about a day's drive between locations and a day or two in each. You could easily spend the entire two weeks in any one of the places you've named. Your most efficient time usage would be to do the wine country as a day trip out of San Francisco. I think the redwoods are two far north and too far away from your other destinations to be included on this trip. Then from San Francisco, head south through Monterey and along the Big Sur coast before heading inland to Death Valley (if you're of a mind to) and then Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon can then be done as a two or three day trip from Las Vegas. Just doing that at an enjoyable pace will easily fill up two weeks. And any more specific recommendations would be what I would want to do, not necessarily what you want.


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    That is easily one of the most popular trips discussed on these forums. You might scroll down to the bottom of this page as it will take you to some other discussions about this topic. Also, use the search function in the green bar directly above and you'll find a wealth of other discussions about these locations and routes/things-to-do.

    I hope we can help you figure out more details of your trip as your planning starts coming together.

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