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  1. Default SF to Zion & Grand Canyon: What route?

    We are planning an end of May trip to Zion & the Grand Canyon from the Bay Area. We could shoot down 5 or 99 and turn left at Las Vegas, stopping for one or 2 nights on the way down (we will have our 22 month old with us. We break for parks.) Does anyone have a suggestion for a lovelier trip and recommendations for where to stop, either on the way or back (we are doing Zion first, then the South Rim of GC).

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I-5 to CA-58 to I-15 will be your fastest route, but there are some other options. Assuming the pass is open by the end of May, you could go through Yosemite, taking Tioga Pass over the Sierra's, and then down to Las Vegas through Death Valley.

    You could also head over to Lake Tahoe and cut south through Nevada.

    This is a popular topic, I'd try using the search function, and you'll find lots of advice about possible things to see and do along the way.

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    Hi Eastbaymama,

    I also live in the east bay. As Midwest Michael mentioned, I-5 and Hwy 58 to I-15 will be the fastest route. I also agree that if Tioga Pass in Yosemite is open, that makes an excellent trip. I like taking Hwy 120 to Benton, CA and then Hwy 6 to Tonopah, NV and then driving south on Hwy 95 to Las Vegas. If Tioga Pass isn't open, then Sonora or Ebbett's pass should be open by late May.

    OK, late May includes the Memorial Day weekend. Try not to be at the Grand Canyon for the holiday weekend. It will be a ZOO!

    A couple of stops between Zion and the South Rim are Bryce Canyon National Park. This is a little out of the way, but well worth the time. Also you will pass right by Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, Page, AZ. This area will also be a ZOO over the Memorial Day weekend...starting with the Friday night!

    I would suggest making reservations for lodging at the S. Rim.

    On the way home from the S. Rim take I-40 to Kingman, AZ. From there take the old route 66 to Oatman, CA. If you are into history and the old historic route 66, this is an excellent section to drive. Oatman is a kick! Burros roam the streets sticking their heads into the store windows and doors. The stage a gunfight in the middle of the road in the late afternoon.


  4. Default thanks for info

    Thanks a bunch for the great route suggestions. We decided to do the North Rim instead, and have made reservations. I think we are going to leave the East Bay at night after work and drive about 3 or 4 hours (TUrlock, or Oakdale maybe?), then get up at the sound of our alarm (a rambunctious 21 month old, who, thank GOD likes roadtrips and camping), and continue over & down. We will have to figure out the final route at the last minute because of the possibilities of road closures. We would love to pass through Bishop, though, because we hear it's got great Mexican food.

    We are planning to be home before the craziness of the holiday weekend hits too hard, though. 2 Nights to get to Zion, stay 5 nights, drive to the North Rim, stay 2 nights, take 2 days to get home. Sound like a good plan?

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    Default Extraterrestrial Highway

    The route mentioned by UtahTea by way of Hwy 6 through
    Benton, but instead of taking Hwy 95 towards Las Vegas,
    continue on Hwy 6 then take Hwy 375.

    Hwy 375 has some novelty value to it.

    NV Hwy 375 has been dubbed "The Extraterrestrial
    Highway". Nearby is the well known top secret military base called
    Area 51
    . UFOs have been reported in the area.

    This stretch of Southern Nevada is fairly remote, so I recommend filling up in Tonopah.

    You can take Hwy 375 to Hwy 93, then Hwy 319 at Panaca, NV, into Cedar City, UT and onto Zion.

    Through Nevada you'll be traveling through basin and
    range country. The roads will traverse mountain ranges
    followed by flat valleys.

    If you are planning on going over the Sierra, check with
    Caltrans since this has been an exceptional year for snow
    and rain in CA.
    nv_03-webRT.jpg nv_05smRT.jpg

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