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    Goanna take a meandering trip.

    Leavin Burlington, NC June 1, 2006, coming home August 31, 2006.

    Taking Mommp to South Rd Cincinnati Ohio 45233, so will stay in that area the first night.

    Then, FOUR (4) Senior Adults, driving a Ford Freestar Van, will meander around the country.

    Must have TWO Rooms each night.

    Places must go: San Diego CA (See Niece)

    Places want to go: Glen Canyon
    Grand Canyon
    Red Wood Forest
    Black Hills
    Mackinaw Island
    Niagara Falls
    Mt Rushmore
    Golden Gate
    Salt Lake City
    Americas Mall
    Key West
    Astoria Oregon
    Victoria BC Canada
    Ottawa ON Canada

    Please Suggest Other Sites/Places.
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    Default Lots of ideas on this Forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by DeGeGrw
    Goanna take a meandering trip.
    Leavin Burlington, NC June 1, 2006, coming home August 31, 2006.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Those meandering trips are my favorite. It looks like you have allowed sufficent time!

    If you use the search utility (in the green navigational bar) and enter the names of the states/provinces you will be traveling in you can read thousands of suggestions.

    Happy Planning!


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    Ken saw a program on the History Channel about Alcatraz, wants to visit there too.

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