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    What is there to see and do in and around Seattle in late July that would be of interest to 6 and 10 year old boys?

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    Default Trolls and Airplanes

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny
    What is there to see and do in and around Seattle in late July that would be of interest to 6 and 10 year old boys?
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Well, I have never met a six year old who would not be fascinated with the fish market at Pike Place Market -- the vendors actually toss fish around. Museum of Flight, the Boeing plant factory tour (pretty darn amazing tour) and the Space Needle... Also there are some Trolls lurking around bridges and such...


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    Default Water, Mountains, and more

    There's tons to do along the waterfront that appeal to kids like the aquarium and the Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe.

    Then take a ride on the water. You can take a real ferry. Maybe a trip to Bremerton (about an hour) and back again. Or shorter, scenic cruises on Puget Sound and/or Lake Union. You can also rent kayaks to explore Lake Union and its houseboats. If the fish are there, watching the salmon go up the fish ladders at the Hiram Chittenden fish locks is fun.

    If you're getting a rental car, a trip to Mt. Rainier is only a few hours and can be tons of fun. Lots of great short hikes, including some interpretive hikes. And you can also go on ranger led hikes from the Henry Jackson Visitor Center at the Paradise location that are quite interesting. My kids enjoyed those. It's also fun to play in the snow on a hot day in your shorts!

    I agree that the Museum of Flight is great. Kids love that place! However, I believe the Boeing Plant has a minimum age of 10 years old to go on the tour. I'm not sure if that's still valid so you might want to check into that. And, yes, kids love the Public Market with the "flying fish".

    I can't imagine any kid not loving going up to the top of the Space Needle. There are a few rides and a midway at Seattle Center where it's fun for the kids to blow off some steam and sometimes they have events there that are geared to kids.

    And Bill Speidel's Underground Tour of Seattle is a kick even for kids. They get to walk around "underground" in the old abandoned areas of Seattle and it's kinda spooky in a fun way. My kids loved it.

    If I think of something else, I'll pop back in here.

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    Default Fish, Ferries, and of course, Baseball

    Ah Seattle... such a wonderful place. There's a LOT of things to do there, even for the young ones. In addition to Mark and Judy's wonderful selections, why not take a visit to the Seattle Aquarium, its on the waterfront. I just found out the Omnidome closed... what a shame, that was a great attraction.

    Also, there's the Woodland Park Zoo... which is in my opinon, one of the best. That's up off of Aurora Ave (i believe), in the north end of the city.

    You should also take a ride on one of the ferries. Argosy Cruises also does a public cruise of the Ballard Locks and a trip to Tillicum Village on Blake Island, and they have, from what I know, a fantastic Native American cultural center with lots of fun activities for the family.

    Also, why not take in a Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field! The Mariners Moose provides some GREAT midgame entertainment, there is a kid's playground if they get restless, not to mention hot dogs and all the other fun stuff that goes along with a trip to the ballpark!

    The kids might also get a kick out of the Seattle Pacific Science Center, located at Seattle Center (look for the giant white arches)! There's also the Seattle Childrens Museum, and that is a load of fun! That too is at Seattle Center. Also, there's the Experience Music Project!

    And, what trip could be complete without a visit to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park Seattle Unit, which really isn't a park at all... it's a building. But, it's great fun (went there when I was 10).

    Hope we've helped!

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    Default Boeing Everett Plant Tour

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy
    However, I believe the Boeing Plant has a minimum age of 10 years old to go on the tour. I'm not sure if that's still valid so you might want to check into that.
    I got to do a special tour when my father was working for the Boeing Company... as in, I got to follow him around on the factory floor, where NO ONE else gets to go. It was great!

    The little information on the Boeing factory tour is here, they aren't offering much information... and security is probably tighter than ever these days. They do have an email address for information regarding the factory tour.


  6. Default City Pass

    If you plan on visiting several attractions there is a coupon book for the following attractions: Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises - Seattle Harbor Tour, and The Museum of Flight

    $36 for adults / $22 for children

    I did all of these last summer. The Pacific Science Center is definately geared toward kids. At the time I went, a short IMAX film was included with the ticket (I chose the fighter pilot one). I was very impressed with the Zoo. And what boys wouldn't love fish, big boats, and planes!!

    Have a blast. I did!!!

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    Thanks to all for the reply's. We are planning to fly into Seattle and rent a car and do a Mt. Rainier/Mt. St Helens/Columbia River Gorge "Road Trip", which might not be all that exciting for the kids so we are tying to balance it out with some kid things, so we will probably spend a few days tripping and a few days in Seattle, depending on weather. Thanks again for all the info.

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