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    Default Sequoia and Kings Canyon ???

    We will be seeing Sequoia and Kings Canyon at the end of May. I am wondering how difficut the hikes are. I have three kids but one has medical problems (age 9) and tires easily. She is not in a wheelchair, but is severly hypertensive. She is looking forward to this but I am concerned that it may be too much for you. Any help is appreciated.


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    Default National Parks are for Everyone

    I have never been to a National Park yet that didn't have some activity for every level of physical fitness. From what I can see form various web sites about Sequoia and King's Canyon, this is also the case there, with everything from 1/3 mile paved nature trails to 60 mile multi-day wilderness hikes. Just check with the rangers at the visitor's center when you arrive and let them know what you feel your daughter is up to. In particular, ask about their Junior Ranger program which will let her exercise her mind as well as her body.


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    Michelle - some direct links for you. Hope that helps. Another bit of advice like Buck suggests is just pick up the phone and call the park direct.



    Make sure you drive down into Kings Canyon, very fun drive. Also end of May at that elevation could still mean a fair amount of snow depending, elevations hover around 6600-6800 feet. Bookmark this so you can check the road conditions before you go- Scroll to Hwy 180.

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