This is an announcement from a Las Vegas-based film producer seeking drivers for a fund-raising road trip between Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro.
{RTA takes no position as to validity of this trip -- merely a service to our readers by posting this information}

I a Brit from Brum, living in Las Vegas USA
I lived in Brasil from 1981 to 1988 and been there many times since.
I am heading a small project to drive in convoy ( 4 vehicles 9 people) plus film vehicle non-stop Las Vegas (to) Rio de Janeiro late in May/June of this year. Depending on detours about 8,000 miles. I want to use the mileage as a fund raising increment and am expecting good news coverage here, en-route and in Brasil. I am currently negotiating with several international children's charities assisting children in Brasil, and several car manufactures for the provision of vehicles the most promising of which, is Toyota, so far.

I need a few guys over 25 who preferably have some Spanish and or Portuguese, who love to drive, and have current passports and a clean drivers licence. ... Men who could handle an international road trip of minimum 8 days 7 nights straight, ( rotational sleep) high tech but no frills. They may apply to this email address, living in or close to Las Vegas very beneficial.

----Peter Jonathan Flemming